It is located in Paro, it is about two hours hike up from the mountain base (Ramthangkha) and built on a terrifying cliff. It is believed that the place was blessed by Guru Rinpoche (Precious master) in the form of Dorji Drolo riding on the tigress and Khandro Yeshey Tshogyel in the form of flying tigress during 8th century.

The airport is located 5 minutes away from Paro town by drive and it is only an international airport with its length of 1964 m long. The Bhutan’s first airline (Druk Air) was commenced in 1983 and Bhutan’s first private airline (Bhutan Airlines) was commenced in 2011.

It is located in upper part of the paro valley, the dzong (fortress) was built by Tenzin Drukdra in 17th century on Zhabdrung victory from Tibet invasion and also as a defense fortress. In 20th century, the dzong was destroyed by fire and now we can see a new dzong re-built on its original place.

It is located in Paro, on the way to Tiger Nest and Drukgyel Dzong. Kichu lhakhang is one of the oldest and sacred temples built in 7th century by Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo and Guru Rinpoche also visited there and blessed the place.

It is located above the left bank of the Paro River overlooking the Paro valley. It was built in 17th century by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel and annually during the month of March, the great festivals are conducted and bestowed the blessing to the public.

It is located on cliff below Chelela Pass on the way to Haa. It is a peaceful home for Buddhist nuns who are residing their and focusing their life in practicing religion and meditating. One will take 1 and half hour to hike up to the temple.

It is situated at the elevation of 3900m above sea level which is highest road point between Paro and Haa district. From the Pass one can see one of the highest Himalayan Mountain Jomolhari which is approximately 5300m.

It is located near to Paro town, the small three-storied stupa shaped temple was built by Thangtong Gyelpo in 15th century and the entire villager helped him in building the temple with various contributions.

It is located on the way to Thimphu from Paro highway. The temple was built by Thangtong Gyelpo in 15th century who is famously known for building iron suspension bridges across Tibet and Bhutan.

It is located on a cliff overlooking the Paro valley, the place was blessed by Guru Rinpoche and temple was built by Chogay Drakpa in 16th century.

It is located just above the Rinpung Dzong built as a watch tower in 17th century and in 1968, under the command of 3rd king, it was converted to National Museum.